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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

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Roasting Journal.


Unless noted in the entry the standard roast profile is as follows...

Stage 1: 455 f    6:00

Stage 2: 400f  4:00

Stage 3: 435  1:30

Cool 3:00

December 26, 2007  First roast ever so don't expect much

Indian Mysore Nuggets  (Burman Coffee Traders)

Beans browned very quickly.  Roasting scent very musty and strong.  Put off a great deal of smoke.  Full roast cycle brought black-ish beans with a very oily sheen and somewhat burnt aroma.

The cupping was very tasty.  Very strong coffee with a hint of burn. 

*****Second roast so still don't expect any epiphanies.

Indian Mysore Nuggets (Burman Coffee Traders)

Used different roasting profile found on the i-roast website.

Stage 1:  350f - 3:00

Stage 2: 400f - 3:00

Stage 3: 400f - 2:20

Cool 3:00

Roast came out light to medium with a great deal of chaff.  Aroma very woody.  Very nice cupping light in aroma with a higher acidity

**** Third... you get the picture...

Peru Fair Trade Organic (Burman Coffee Traders)

Back to using the above standard preset roast.

Lighter roast.  Ran the roast outside so that the smoke would not fill the house again.  Great consistent roast with a nice medium dark color.  The final cupping very nice with good complexity full body and a nice acidity.  good roast all the way around!

December 30, 2007

Guatemalan Huehuetenago Vista Hermosa

Egad, I cannot pronounce it either.  Roasted on a cool morning outside. the roaster had a bit of an uneven agitation probably due to uneven crate I put the roaster on and the inner cone deflector was bent. 

Pronounced volume change with 5:30 remaining.  Roast progressed quite quickly.  second crack well developing with a darker brown color.  Cooled the roast with 3:30 left to go.

Good roast with dark color and no oils at the surface.  Cupped very well.  one comment from one drinker that normally had to use lots of cream and sugar "I can drink this without all that."