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18 July.

Well, after many moons I have decided to get back to updating this site.  Many things have happened since I left the Ice and made my way back to the desert.  For starters I have gone back to work at my old department Rural/Metro.  I am currently floating around the county as a fill-in Paramedic.  I hope to soon have a regular station when the new shift bid process gets finished.  Being back at work is cool.  It is good to have the steady income that is strangely absent when one is unemployed.

22 July

More House pictures!  After the fire I managed to get a few days off to actually start working on moving into the house.  I had to pick the hottest and muggiest part of the year to move!





With this employment I decided that I needed to set up a good base of operations for the Intrepid Explorer to maintain.  I have proceeded and bought myself a house.  I found a nice little brick house to house the Intrepid X museum and dispatch center.  This little beauty is a 2 bedroom one bath solid little structure.  It comes complete with an attached carport and neater than that is the detached carport and workshop in the back!  Now I have a place to work on my vehicles!  Moving in has been slow.  Just as I was ready to actually start living there I got sent out to be a medical unit Paramedic on the Nuttall Complex fire on Mt. Graham. This is another good link for pictures of the fire.


The Mt Graham fire was quite a nice vacation for me.  I relieved one of the medics that had spent the first 2 weeks there.  Unfortunately when I got there most of the main firefighting was completed.  The lines were quite stable and the main crews were de-mobilizing and handing off the fire to a type 2 team (type 1 being the big guys).  I spent 7 days living out of the visitors center in Columbine Camp at about 10,000 feet elevation.  It was very nice to be that high in the wake of this hot summer.  Not really any significant medical necessities during my tour except that we did have to fight off a plague of "pink eye"  that threatened to run rampant though the crews. 


It was not all work and no play.  During the fire I did get to visit and tour the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT).  Wow was that ever impressive!  I guess when they get done it will be the strongest telescope in the world, better than the Hubble!   I even got to take some time and drive around and see the sights of the mountain.  I did not get to close to the actual fire lines since the ambulance is only 2 wheel drive and not to good to go off-roading with.   I did get to some areas that I could see the burn area.  Wow that was quite a fire.  Lots of fire and lots of blackened mountain!  There is a lot of the forest there that has been run over by fire and the bark beetle infestation that they had years ago.  In my opinion that forest sure does not look all that healthy.  This fire may just be a good thing for it to clear away some of the mess and clean up.   Only bummer thing is that this kind of cleanup takes multiple generations to see results.  The forest will survive just as the wildlife did.  We saw at least 3 or 4 dear along the roads and one crew reported that they got followed by a mountain lion on one of the lines.  


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