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Stained Glass


Train from Christchurch to Picton

Train from Christchurch to Picton

Salt flats. Mining sea salt

Picton harbor

Me on harbor tour

Michelle and I on harbor tour.

Old whaling station

Capt. Cook memorial

Picton firehouse

ordinary street in Nelson

Cathedral in Nelson

Pipe organ in Nelson Cathedral

Suburbs in Nelson

City walk through Nelson

Me out on a hike near Nelson

On the road from Nelson to Greymouth

Kiwi fruit farm

Punakaiki Cliffs

Punakaiki cliffs

Punakaiki rocks and surf

Punakaiki Beach

Punakaiki Beach

Punakaiki Beach

Me outside Punakaiki Cave

Punakaiki Beach

Adelie Penguin

McMurdo Sound panoramic

Ambulance on the beach. Tough job aint it?

Bathing pool on the ocean

Walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi beach

Bondi Beach

Sydney harbor bridge

Sydney harbor bridge

Sydney Harbor bridge and Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Lightship at Maritime Museum

Tall ships at Maritime Museum

James Caird

Replica of the Bounty made for the Mel Gibson

deck on the James Caird




Capts coffin

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