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Ice, NZ and AUS
NZ and AUS
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Mt Graham Fire
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Stained Glass




Me at Vinces cross

At Roll Cage Mary

Discovery hut

Hill over Mac Town

Seal Pup


Seal Pup snoozin

Seal Pup

Curious Pup

Proper Herding technique

Loading the Pisten Bullys for the trip

Me at the Barnes Glacier

Me at the Barnes Glacier

Stopped to take a sea ice crack profile

Approching Cape Evans

Scotts hut at Cape Evans

Ship Anchor ar Cape Evans

Inside Scotts Hut

Inside Scotts hut

Scotts Cape Evans hut

Pantry area in Scotts hut

Scotts hut

Cape Evans stables

memorial over Scotts hut

Old Gasoline case

Scott's Bed

Old Hienz 57 bottle

Penguin eggs

Seal blubber storage

Approching Cape Royds

Shackeltons Hut at Cape Royds

Shackeltons Hut

Shackeltons hut and the penguin rookery

Stable side of Shackltons hut

Dog houses

Inside Shacketons hut

Open water

Penguins on the ice and the open water

Adelie Penguin rookery

Adelies hiking up to say hi

Driving in a near blizzard

Driving in a near blizzard

Inside Shakeltons hut

Shackelton food

Shackelton food

Shackelton kitchen

Shackelton kitchen

Shackelton carbide generator

Shackelton kitchen

Shackelton kitchen

Shackeltons Kitchen

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