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Ice, NZ and AUS
NZ and AUS
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Thought I would split up the photo gallery to save yall some download time.


C-141 on the Ice

Unloading the C-141

Standby for the cargo offload

Mt Erebus

Sea Ice Airport

Me and our chipper fall vicim (not really hurt)

Setting up a belay

Lowering operations off OB hill

Everyone is welcome

Playing dressup

Smoke drill

Smoke drill

Coming out of the smoke

Extinguisher training

Jaws of Life

Rope instruction

Tunnel crawl

Eclipse 1

Eclipse 2

Eclipse 3

Eclipse 4

Eclipse 5

Digging out a sea ice crack

Me and a Hagglund

Me, Haglund and Erebus




Engine 1 stored outside under a protective blanket of snow

Firehouse snowed in

Me standing in the drift. +30 degrees!

Taming the Icicles of Death

Un-invited guest

Emperor Penguin

Me and the Emperor

balloon launch vehicle

payload instruments

payload instruments

payload instruments

payload instruments

payload instruments

Long Duration Balloon Facility

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