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Thought I would split up the photo gallery to save yall some download time.


Me at Scott Base during our drill

Kiwi Fire Helmet

Carbonic Extinguisher (CO2)

Pneumatic powered sprinkler system at Scott Base

The booster pump for Scott Base firefighting system

Scott Base hose pack for firefighting

This is the specialy adapted Scott Base FDC (Fire Department Connection)

An FDC at Scott Base

Engine 1 arriving at the Drill at Scott Base. 8 minute responce time!

Engine 1 crew packin out for drill

Mac Town Engine 1 Crew making entry to Scott Base Vehicle shop

I kinda like the white turnouts.

Wrapping up after the drill.

Geoff Jolley the Happy Camper

Building a poor mans Igloo

Snow Block wall to block the wind

Mining for Snow

Me as a Happy Camper

Pitching a ordinary camping tent

Cutting a trench shelter

Cutting a trench shelter

A mostly completed trench shelter

Digging out the Quinzy

Me and my Shelter for the night

Go interesting places and shovel

Out at one of the dive shacks

Pisten Bully


Fishing with cable

A seal in the dive hole

Sending a Message in a bottle

Check is in the mail

Me and the seals out on the sea ice

Basking in the heat of the day

Weddell Seal

My finished Costume, Misfortune anyone?

Misfortune booth

Firefighter Group

All kinds of people packed the gym

Blessed event

Watching the Costume contest

So many people and costumes

Dancing the Night time sun away

Pee Flag

Some very scary costumes


Cleaning up the Gym after the party

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