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Rescue 4 our Command Vehicle

Professional Crack Spackler

Tank full of Crack Spackle

OB hill next to town

Town from OB Hill

It was very cold and windy!

Scotts Cross on OB Hill.

Building the Ice Runway

Scott Base from OB Hill

Bowling with a broom

Bumble Bowling Team

Bowling with furback mittens (my best frame)

Bowling Southpaw

The Mac Town Bowling alleys

spinning around 10 times before bowling

Engine 1 and Tanker 3 Doing driver practice in heavy winds

Tanker 3 driver training Alley dock evolutions

me in the "Follow Me" truck/van

Ice Town at the sea ice runway

Station 2 Bunk room

Station 2 Kitchen

Station 2. Ive worked in stations on wheels but never skis

Airport Tower on Skis

C141 on Ice tarmac

WinFly A Shift

WinFly B Shift and the Station

WinFly B Shift up close

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