Nuttall Complex fire.



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Ice, NZ and AUS
NZ and AUS
Sydney AUS
My House
Mt Graham Fire
Lady Washington
South Pole Gallery
Bahamas Dive 07
Catalina Chamber
Stained Glass


My ambulance in the forest

Mule Deer on the road at Mt Graham

Blackened forest in the background

old fire area or bettle infestation

The dining area in camp

the dining area in spike camp

Mt Graham telescopes

Mt Graham telescopes

headstand at the medical unit

Intrepid X at Large Binocular Telescope

Large Binocular Telescope

Large Binocular Telescope

Large Binocular Telescope drawing

Me at the Medical unit at spike camp

Riggs lake, Mt Graham

Intrepid X inside Large Binocular Telescope

Med Cabin at night

Medical unit Cabin

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