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Photo Gallery 1
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Ice, NZ and AUS
NZ and AUS
Sydney AUS
My House
Mt Graham Fire
Lady Washington
South Pole Gallery
Bahamas Dive 07
Catalina Chamber
Stained Glass


Gallery one.  I continued on to gallery 2 to save yall some download time.


The Helo I worked on in Winslow, AZ

My 68 Mustang

My old Boat the Storis

ME and an ARFF Truck in Salt Lake Airport training school


You want me to do what?

B shift at ARFF School

More FIRE! Pic by Gunnar

Me at Park City Utah winter Olympics Bobsled Hill

Push harder!

LUGE (for Robin)

Mom and I at the Tucson Airport

Dad and I at the Tucson Airport

Church in Christchurch NZ

NZ ARFF truck


This is me trying on my ECW gear (Extreme Cold Weather)

ECW Gear issue in Christchurch NZ

Cargo Class transport. Flying to Antarctica on a C-17

Waiting for them to unload cargo so we can get off the plane

Doors open to Antarctica

Welcome to Mac Town!

This is an Antarctic Fire Hydrant

Fill'r up at the Mac Town Gas Station

100 year old Seal at Scott Hut

Scott Discovery Hut

Scott Hut and Mac Town

Hills around McMurdo and the Golf Ball

Snowed in Firetrucks

Condition 1 at McMurdo. No going outside

Antarctic Sundial

The Coffee House

Brrrrrrrr and frozen eyelashes to boot

Nacreous clouds

Weddell Seal in the Dive shack hole

Me and a Weddell Seal in a dive hut

Diver emerging from the depths

Red 3 at Pegasus Airfield

C-17 off loading


Ivan the Terra bus picking up passengers

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