In Memory of Emade (Michael Dojaquez)

There comes a time that people come into your life and you have no idea how much they touched you until they are gone.  I began doing yoga quite a few years ago but did not truly start my practice until I began to attend Emade's class at the gym in Tucson.  His sincere energy and grounded nature really helped me connect with myself and prosper.  He was killed in October of 2003 while I was away in Antarctica.    This one act shattered me much more than I was ready for.  Being a Paramedic and seeing my share of tragedy did not soften the pain and sorrow that I felt over loosing such a person.  I thought that my practice of yoga would suffer but it has become much stronger.  When I began teaching yoga I would chuckle a bit when I heard Emade's words coming from me to the students. I thought that I should find my own words.  Now hearing his teaching coming form me brings me comfort and an appreciation of how influential certain people can be in your life.  It is hard to find a mentor and at times even harder to keep them. 


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