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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

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Welcome to the Up Side South Roasters page.

Up side south is a small batch coffee roaster.  We pick only the freshest green coffee beans from our internet plantation.  They are meticulously ordered using the power of the internet, credit cards and PayPal.  The beans are then shipped via various tried and true transportation methods to our roasting plant.  These beans are then aged in an appropriate corner of the cluttered kitchen until they are found and then randomly selected to be roasted fresh for our clients.  You can look a the current roasting journal to see what our Head Roaster has found.  I do urge caution since our Head Roaster is well known to not know that the hell he is talking about and is usually so hyper caffeinated that his comments are difficult to understand and even harder to put into writing. 

We are keen to branch out into the bizarre coffee world and plan to offer our clients the finest in coffees that many people would find offensive.  In the past we have found that many untouchable type coffees are quite a treat and have tried to offer them to our clients but with mixed reviews. 

At this time our roasting plant is utilizing a single i-roast 2 fluid bed roaster.  This item is very user friendly and has very few moving parts.  We have removed any sharp edges so that our Head Roaster is quite safe from harm.  With these safety precautions, you should find very few amputated fingers in your bag of roasted beans.