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23 Aug

Ok, so I have been very slack in making entries... but much has happened in the Old Pueblo.  I have continued to move into my new house.  this will probably take a long time since I don't own any furniture.  I did start on repainting.  the white on white with white trim was a bit to blank.  I enlisted the assistance of my friend Robin to help with the color choices since I have Male pattern lack of style thing.  We chose a nice green for the bedroom.  The room is much darker and calmer than the stark white. Now  I need an art collection to show off on my clean green walls.  I am planning on keeping the bedroom quite stark and austere.  For the first time I can divide all my possessions by room.  I don't need to cram everything into one little room.  Keeping with my nautical interests I found the the coolest new sail pattern ceiling fan.  I have included a few before and after pictures for reference. 

In other news, I have just been promoted to Captain at my fire department!  On or about the 4th of Sept. I will assume the role of the flex Captain at station 76 (Oracle and Magee).  This comes with a nice red helmet, white shirt uniform and a bit of a raise (yay!).  It also is going to be a new thing for the department.  The "flex" crews  have not had supervisors on shift with them so this is a new program.  For anyone not familiar with our shift structure here it is a bit complex.  there are basically 3 shifts.  A and B shift are the full-time crews that man one station.  They work roughly 11.5 days a month.  That leaves about 7-8 days a month open.  The flex crews cover those shifts.  To make sure that we still acquire full time hours, the flex crews split their time between 2 stations.  My new schedule is going to be Monday, Wednesday and every other Saturday.  The Saturday shift will be at station 77 at First and Palisades (far northwest).  The push right now is to change the schedule to get rid of the Flex crew and make them an entire full 3rd shift.  that would change our schedules to 3 days on 4 days off.  We would not bounce between stations unless we were picking up overtime. 







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