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Ice, NZ and AUS
NZ and AUS
Sydney AUS
My House
Mt Graham Fire
Lady Washington
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Bahamas Dive 07
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Stained Glass




Polar Star and the Tanker at the pier

Tanker at the pier

Me in the climbing gym

Me in the climbing gym

Me in the climbing gym

Close up Star and Tanker

Star, tanker and the ice pier

Cruise Boat tied to the ice

The Star and Scotts Hut

Me and the Mac Sign

NB Palmer at the pier

Troll Bridge

Troll under bridge

Troll Close up

Raising the patient

Gearing up for SAR

Litter ready for raise

Rigging the litter

Roped up glacier travel

Self Arrest

Self Arrest

McMurdo Yogis

McMurdo Yogis

McMurdo Yogi Ryan


McMurdo Yogis

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