Bahamas 2007



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The Flamingo Bay Hotel, Freeport, Grand Bahama

Camera is foggy from the humidity

My camera got a little foggy from the humidity.

Tiano Beach, Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama

View from the resturant at Tiano Beach Resort

Water spout way out to sea

Obligitory Me shot in Freeport

The Sea Explorer

65' live aboard dive boat

Parrot Fish

Remora in midwater

Brain Coral

My dive buddy Bill

Always know where he is with his orange gloves

Colorful corals

Loved the texture of the green coral


Wreck of he Hesperus

Bill Mixon, everyone!

The Hesperus

Deco (safety) stop

Solger fish I think. On a barrel sponge

Wondrful colors

Nice arrangement


One of these kids in not like the others...

Some sort of striped fish

Intersting sponges

Barrel Sponge

All lining up for SHARK FEEDING!

Big Ass Grouper... almost as aggressive as sharks

Reef Shark and Drew the first mate

Hookie the Reef Shark

He was at many of our dive sites


Lil blennies

I like this arrangement.

Lost an anchor?

The mighty Sea Explorer

Alice town, Bimini island

Dock at Alice Town, Bimini island

Alice town harbor

anyone home?

Bill playing with an anchor chain

Another lost anchor.

Bimini Roads... road to Atlantis?

Bimini Road

Bimini Road

Some kind of fish

Spotted Eel

Spotted Eel

Interesting guy kissing the mooring line

Lots of very colorful textures

Ornate Barrel sponges

Sting Rays...

Lion Fish... not indiginous... very toxic

Giant Sea Turtle bedding down for the night

Sleeping Turtles

Got his Remora teddy bear

He had to get out of there

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